Can You Ride Electric Bikes in the Rain?

Can you ride Ebike in rain

Although electric bikes are similar to traditional bikes, e-bikes are slightly different. Electric bikes are equipped with a motor or battery that provides an environmentally friendly alternative for transportation and allows the rider to …

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Are Electric Bikes Bad for the Environment?

Are Electric Bikes Bad for the Environment

Modern life can make the idea of owning a traditional, gas-powered vehicle seem difficult. With rising gas prices, skyrocketing costs for new and used cars, and our shared climate crisis, electric bikes feel like …

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Do Electric Bikes Need Insurance?

Do Electric Bikes Need Insurance

Electric bikes are a great way to get around your community. E-bikes are also growing in popularity. The increasing number of electric bikes on the roads is leading to new laws regulating their use. …

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Are Electric Bikes Legal In Florida?

Are Electric Bikes Legal in Florida

Florida is one of the most popular biking states in the United States. It has level terrain, fantastic weather, and over one hundred miles of biking trails. In 2019, The League of American Bicyclists …

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How to Charge Electric Bike in Apartment?

How to Charge an Electric Bike at Home?

Owning an electric bike is an excellent way to get around town quickly. But charging an electric bike in an apartment can feel challenging. Fortunately, most electric bike battery chargers are compatible with standard …

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How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go? Compared!

How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go

Electric bikes are great tools for commuting, especially those capable of reaching high speeds. But not all e-bikes have identical top speeds. Generally, the speed of an electric bike depends on its motor Watt …

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