Can You Take Electric Bikes on Trains/Amtrak?

As more and more people turn to electric bikes as a cost-effective way to get around, the question of whether or not you can take an ebike on public transportation such as Amtrak arises.

This is no easy answer; each form of public transit has different rules about bikes onboard, and it’s essential for those who might want to ride their ebikes on Amtrak or other methods of transport to be aware of the details before they embark.

In this blog post, we’ll explore all the intricacies regarding taking your electric bike with you when using some of America’s most beloved forms of travel. Let’s jump right in and find out whether you can bring your ebike on board a train anytime soon!

Amtrak’s Policy on Electric Bikes

As electric bikes continue to gain popularity among commuters and recreational cyclists, many are looking for ways to incorporate them into their travel plans. One common question is whether electric bikes are allowed on Amtrak trains.

General Guidelines for Transporting Bicycles on Amtrak

Amtrak understands the importance of accommodating passengers with bicycles, and they have made efforts to provide bike-friendly services on many of their routes.

Regular bicycles are allowed on most Amtrak trains with designated bicycle storage areas, but reserving a space for your bike when booking your ticket is essential.

Restrictions And Limitations for Electric Bikes

Navigating the restrictions and limitations of transporting electric bikes on trains can be crucial to planning your trip.

Understanding these regulations will help ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey for you and your trusty electric bike.

Weight And Size Limits

While Amtrak permits electric bikes on certain trains, specific weight and size limits are in place. Generally, electric bikes must weigh no more than 50 lbs (23 kg) and have a maximum wheelbase of 70 inches (178 cm) to be eligible for transport.

Be sure to measure and weigh your e-bike before your trip to ensure it meets these requirements.

Battery Requirements

Amtrak requires that electric bike batteries be removed and transported separately from the bike itself.

The battery must meet the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines for lithium-ion batteries, which mandate a limit of 100 watt-hours (Wh) per battery, with a maximum of two spare batteries per passenger.

Reservation And Ticketing Process for Electric Bikes

To bring your electric bike on an Amtrak train, reserve a bike space when booking your ticket.

Remember that bike spaces are limited and can fill up quickly, so making your reservation as soon as possible is crucial. Additionally, there may be a small fee associated with transporting your e-bike.

Amtrak Routes And Services Allowing Electric Bikes

Not all Amtrak trains and routes accommodate electric bikes, so verifying that your chosen train service allows them is essential. Amtrak’s website provides a list of routes that permit bicycles, including electric bikes, but be sure to double-check when booking your ticket.

Amtrak’s Bike Storage Options

Let’s discuss Amtrak’s various bike storage options to accommodate passengers traveling with electric bikes.

Understanding these options will help you plan your trip more efficiently and ensure a hassle-free experience while transporting your electric bike on Amtrak trains.

Bicycle Racks

Some Amtrak trains are equipped with bicycle racks, which can be used to secure your electric bike during your journey. These racks are located in designated train areas and require a reservation.

Checked Baggage Service

If your train offers checked baggage service, you could check your electric bike as luggage, provided it meets the size and weight restrictions. Remove the battery before checking your e-bike, as it must be carried in the passenger compartment.

Tips For Traveling with Electric Bikes on Trains

Taking your electric bike along on train journeys can be a fantastic way to explore new destinations and easily get around. To ensure a smooth experience for you and your fellow passengers, following some essential tips when traveling with your e-bike on trains is important.

Properly Packing and Securing Your Electric Bike

When preparing to take your electric bike on a train, it is crucial to ensure it is properly packed and secured to avoid damage, comply with train regulations, and make the journey as smooth as possible.

Removing The Battery and Other Detachable Components

Before boarding the train, remove the battery and other easily detachable parts, such as lights and accessories. This will make the bike lighter, easier to handle, and minimize the risk of damage during transit.

Using A Protective Case or Cover

Invest in a high-quality protective case or cover for your electric bike to shield it from potential scratches and impacts. This will also help keep the train carriage clean and free from dirt or grease from your bike.

Arriving Early at The Train Station to Ensure Smooth Boarding

Arriving early at the train station is crucial when traveling with an electric bike. This will allow you time to prepare your bike, handle last-minute issues, and ensure you can board the train without rushing.

Early arrival will also allow you to seek assistance from train staff and secure a suitable spot for your bike on the train.

Being Respectful of Other Passengers and Train Staff

When traveling with an electric bike, it’s essential to be considerate of your fellow passengers and train staff. Always follow the train’s rules and guidelines, and be prepared to move or adjust your bike if needed to accommodate others.

Communicate openly with the train staff if you have any questions or concerns, and be prepared to follow their instructions to ensure a safe and pleasant journey for all.

Familiarizing Yourself with Train-Specific Rules and Restrictions

Each train service may have its rules and restrictions for transporting electric bikes. Before your trip, take the time to research the specific guidelines for the train service you will be using.

Familiarize yourself with weight, size, or battery limitations, and follow them to avoid complications during your journey.

Alternatives To Taking Electric Bikes on Trains

While taking your electric bike on a train can be a convenient way to travel with your favorite mode of transportation, it may only sometimes be feasible or practical due to various policies and restrictions. Fortunately, there are several alternatives to consider when planning your trip.

Renting Electric Bikes at Your Destination

Exploring new destinations with the freedom and convenience of an electric bike is a thrilling experience. Renting an electric bike at your destination can offer numerous benefits, including cost-effectiveness and easy access to suitable options.

Availability Of Rental Shops

Many cities and tourist destinations offer electric bike rental services, making it easy to rent a bike upon arrival.


Renting an electric bike can be more cost-effective, as you avoid extra fees for transporting your bike on a train.


Rental shops often provide various bike models and sizes, ensuring you have a suitable option available for your needs.

Using Bike-Sharing Services

As urban areas increasingly embrace sustainable transportation options, bike-sharing services have gained popularity, offering a convenient and flexible alternative to owning or transporting your electric bike.

Expanding The Network Of Bike-Sharing Programs

Many urban areas have implemented bike-sharing services, often including electric bikes in their fleet.

Flexible And Accessible

Bike-sharing programs allow you to pick up and drop off bikes at numerous stations throughout the city, making it a convenient and flexible option.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Most bike-sharing services require payment only for the time you use the bike, making it an affordable choice for short rides and spontaneous trips.

Shipping Your Electric Bike Ahead of Your Trip

Another viable option for travelers who bring their electric bikes is to ship the bike ahead of the trip. This alternative removes the hassle of navigating train policies and restrictions, ensuring your bike arrives safely and securely at your destination, ready for your cycling adventures.

Door-To-Door Services

Various shipping companies specialize in transporting bicycles, including electric bikes, offering door-to-door services that deliver your bike directly to your destination.

Safe And Secure

Professional shipping companies have the expertise and equipment to ensure your electric bike is packed and transported safely and securely.

Planning Ahead

While shipping your electric bike may require more planning and coordination, it can save you the stress and effort of navigating train policies and restrictions.

The Bottom Line

Overall, electric bikes on trains provide a fantastic opportunity for people to explore different areas most efficiently and easily. They are easily transported to and from the train, provide plenty of power when you want, and help reduce energy costs in the long run.

Taking electric bikes on Amtrak may be a challenge. Still, as more people become aware of how beneficial they are to commuters and tourists alike, we can only see an increase in popular demand.

As train operators become savvier with transportation technology and industry advances, perhaps one day, e-bikes will be the main mode of transportation used while traveling by Amtrak.

Until that day arrives, though, cyclists who want to travel aboard Amtrak must remember all rules and regulations about their electric bike before boarding.

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