Can You Overcharge an E-Bike’s Battery

Can You Overcharge an EBikes Battery

Maintaining an electric bike’s battery is essential to extending its lifespan and making the most of it. Like all electric-powered vehicles, there are certain rules to remember while charging. If you are wondering if …

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Is It Safe to Charge My Bike Overnight?

Is It Safe to Charge My Bike Overnight

If you’ve recently bought an electric bike for all your transportation needs, then there are a fair number of questions that you may have about how to maintain it. Electric bikes are some of …

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Why Is My E-bike Motor Not Working?

Why Is My E-bike Motor Not Working

Are you experiencing some issues with your e-bike motor?  This is usually related to one or more of the following issues: a dry solder joint, a loose connection, or a bad solder joint.  This …

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Why Is My E-bike Battery Not Charging?

Why Is My Ebike Battery Not Charging

Something about e-bikes in walkable cities makes people feel like they’re living in the future. In the past twenty years, e-bikes have garnered massive popularity due to their speed, convenience, and environmental friendliness. E-bikes …

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E-bike Won’t Turn On – Possible Reasons

Ebike wont turn on Possible Reasons

Electric bikes or e-bikes are getting more popular day by day. Much of this popularity is due to people opting for more environmentally friendly ways of getting around, and city infrastructure allowing e-bikes to …

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