Electric Bike Display Is Not Working – Possible Reasons

An electric bike display is one of the best components in a bike. For many electric bikes, the main monitor helps you map where you’re heading and the speed you’re going.

However, with all of its uses, there are many reasons your electric bike may not be working at all. So how could you diagnose your electric bike display’s functionality and ensure it serves you? In the article below, we’ll tell you about the possible reasons that your electric bike display may not be working. 

Reasons the Electric Bike Display is not Working

If you’re wondering about the electric bike display and why it’s not working, there are some possible and probable reasons you’re having trouble with it. 

  1. The Battery Power is Low or Flat 

When facing issues with your electric bike, the most obvious problem is your battery. Some common mistakes occur when you have an e-bike, and some quick fixes will have your e-bike up and running immediately.

The most important thing is to see if your battery is fully charged. If it’s fully charged, your bike must be functional, and your LCD must work. If you believe your battery hasn’t been properly charged, you may consider placing it in a cool environment and recharging it. 

You also want to make sure that you don’t overcharge your battery. If you’re constantly leaving your e-bike battery on charge, there will be issues with your battery in the long run. Your battery power may not be up to the mark, and you would constantly need to replace the battery pack sooner than later. 

We recommend that you charge your battery up to the 85% mark, as this increases the battery life for Lithium-ion batteries.

The next thing that you want to check is your battery connection leads. If you want to power the e-bike power motor and the throttle, these are the connections you must check.

The connections may often loosen when you’re traveling through unfamiliar terrain. However, checking for these connections is important so your display can work. 

Sometimes, you may have to plug and unplug the connection a few times before it starts working for you again. The connections may not be working because of small pieces of debris or mud in the system, which you can clean out to have the display functional again. 

At the very end, you need to look at the battery pack and ensure that it’s in the cradle and doesn’t have any significant debris around it, so you can ensure that it doesn’t get contaminated with dirt or mud. The battery pack also must be working well. 

  1. The Connector Has Broken Parts

Once you have checked that the battery works just as you would prefer, you can then look at the connections and the connectors. Sometimes the connections will come undone, which is a simple fix, but sometimes the issue may be with the connectors instead of the connections.

Connectors are the clips that make sure that the connections stay in place. 

Ensure that the connectors don’t have any damage, as sometimes they may have debris caught in the middle, or they accidentally got crushed while you were driving the bike around some harsh terrain. If you see fragments of these parts anywhere, you may want to replace or fix these connectors. 

Once you have made the fixes, you can look at the display and check if it works. You may look into the other problems if it’s still not functional. 

  1. Controller Issues 

Sometimes, your controller won’t work how you want it to. A controller is one of the essential parts of the electric bike, as you can turn them on/off with it, or use it for acceleration or slowing down. If the controller isn’t working properly, it may cause other major problems with the display. 

  1. Broken Switches 

Sometimes the power button for your display may be on the handlebar. There are also other buttons on the handlebar, including the function keys to turn the battery on or off. These buttons also ensure you can set up the battery however you prefer. 

If the buttons are damaged or not working, you may find that the entire display may not work. So in such a case, you may have to work on installing new switches so that your display may work again. 

  1. Fuse Issues 

All your electric components have a fuse, and electric bikes are no different. If you have checked all of the boxes and elements mentioned above, you can then go on to check for problems with the fuse. 

You would often find that electrical wires may have gotten overheated, or one wire may have been shorter, leading to a blown fuse. However, the fix is simple. All you have to do is get a new fuse and replace it accordingly. 

  1. Defective Display 

If none of the other components are broken, it may just be a matter of your screen not working as you want. Your display may have problems, or the problem may be inherent to the computer itself. For this, we suggest you head to a repair professional who can ensure the display is up and running again.  

How to Fix Your Electric Bike Display?

Now that we know why your electric bike may not be working, here are some ways to fix the e-bike display when things go awry. 

1. Replace or Charge the Battery 

One of the first things for you to maintain is your battery. The display will not be functional if no electric charge can power it. It would be best to keep an eye on the battery level using the display before it stops working. 

The LCD shows the battery level of the e-bike, which is essential to know so that you may map out the rest of your bike’s journey. You can evaluate your bike’s current capacity and how much ground you can cover overall. 

If you charge your battery and find that the display still doesn’t work, connect it to a different battery and see what happens. You must also check the connections in your battery to ascertain if the wires and parts are working properly. 

2. Fix the Connectors or Replace Them 

The connectors are part of the e-bike that fix into the battery. If these are broken, the display won’t be able to receive power, which is why it won’t work. You can thus replace these or ensure they are working so your LCD works. 

Modern transportation requires knowing how to get to a specific place. Thus, it’s only fair that you know the speed and distance you’re traveling using your LCD. 

For many people, the distance is all about knowing how much more effort they have to put in until they can finally stop and enjoy fresh air in their lungs. The display is almost like a check-in to how much more work is needed, so fixing the connectors is necessary. 

3. Correct any Electrical Problems 

One of the major aspects you will have to check is that everything is working well. We recommend using multimeters and a test screwdriver to ascertain where a connection is lost in the bike. Once you know these spots, you can replace any wiring in these places, so you don’t have issues. 

4. Replace Any Components 

If you find an issue with any of the components, then you can replace them so that you may confirm the problem. Swapping components will help you get your bike working again.

Sometimes the problem isn’t just with one component but rather an array of them. Hence it’s necessary to recognize where replacement must be made. 

5. Fixing the Electric Bike Computer 

Every electric bike has a computer ensuring the LCD works consistently. The Bike’s LCD works since an IC inside the computer maintains the connections and keeps the screen working. 

However, the IC may have issues when the display suddenly stops working. It may be valuable to get to an electric bike mechanic who can either replace the IC or fix the computer in the required way. 

It is perhaps the most expensive replacement you can make. It can cost anywhere from $150 to $400, but if you want to continue using your e-bike and gaining benefits, you must do so. 

Final Thoughts

The electric bike display may not be working for several reasons. However, it would be best to do whatever you could to make it work. The best thing for you to do is look at the separate components of the bike to see which one’s creating the problem, and then once you identify that part, you can fix it. 

Electric bike displays are important because they allow you to control your e-bike and decide how you want to maintain it. 

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