How Do You Fix/Reset an Electric Bike Controller?

There are several benefits to owning an electric bike, such as less pollution in the environment and the ease of getting from one place to another. However, if your electric bike is a recent addition to your garage, then you may not know all its essential components and how to maintain them. 

We know that regardless of how well something continues to work, it requires a certain degree of maintenance. As an owner, you must take the necessary steps to ensure that your electric bike is ready to move and doesn’t give up on you when you need it the most. 

An electric bike controller is a component that controls its movement. If your electric bike is not working, you may want to check the controller, as it impacts the electric bike to the greatest degree. If the controller stops working, you must also know how to reset it. 

What is an Electric Bike Controller?

The electric bike controller is an important electronic device that acts like the brain of the electric bike. The electric bike is essentially a combination of electric and mechanical circuits, and the controller is the component that impacts all of these circuits. Your electric bike cannot work without the use of these controllers. 

The controller is responsible for taking any inputs you make through the sensors and ensuring that the bike’s actuators follow the commands. The controller will especially monitor the speed and power of the motor as per the movement and commands that the rider gives them so that the electric bike can move. 

When is Resetting an Electric Bike Controller Necessary?

There may be many reasons for you to reset your controller. A situation may arise when your bike isn’t working, and the battery is not the culprit.

The way to know that you must reset your bike controller is by isolating the controller and then checking it to ensure that the bike controller is what’s causing the bike not to work.

Once you have isolated your controller and know that the problem with your electric bike lies in the controller, you can make your hypotheses on the matter. 

Problems with the Power Device 

Resetting your controller can become necessary if there are problems with your battery source. If you check the power source and the bike still won’t work, then resetting the controller is a smart way to jump start your motor and get your e-bike working again.

The controller works in tandem with your power source, and thus one will often rely on the other. 

Internal Controller Problems 

The controller’s internal problems may also make it imperative for you to reset the controller. The controller makes sure that all is working well in the electric bike, and if there’s any internal wiring problems then you may need to reset the controller once the bike’s wiring has been restored. 

Being aware of the functionality of the ebike controller can save you a lot of time. We recommend that you reset the controller every time you significantly change the electric bike wiring. 

If the Controller’s Environment Shifts 

Sometimes when the controller’s environment shifts, the controller may not respond in all of the ways you want it to.

If the controller gets too cold or too hot, then it may stop working altogether and thus, you will have to reset the controller for maximum usage. You may also then have to troubleshoot your controller and your electric bike as a whole. 

Steps to Fix/Reset the Electric Bike

Now that we have more of an idea of why it may be imperative to fix or reset the electric bike, we can look into how we may do this. We have listed these steps below:

  1. The first step is to turn on the battery using your bike’s control panel. 
  2. Next, you would have to hold the up and down buttons for a long while to show up the correct menu. Holding these buttons lets you see your default settings. 
  3. Once you do that, you can see the current settings on your screen. Another part of the screen will start blinking and show you your function settings. 
  4. You will also need to hold the function button on your electric bike to understand the different parameter settings and how to select them. 
  5. In the parameter settings, you typically try to arrive at the P1 values. Once the P1 values show themselves, you can use the function button to review them and decide what to set them at. We recommend that you stick to P1 and then move to the C settings later. 
  6. Once at P1, you can hold the function, press up and down, and get the C parameters or settings. You want to rifle through the C parameters until you get to C5. 
  7. Once C5 shows up, you can then set the value to 1. You can also adjust the C5 value by pressing the parameters up and down. 
  8. Once you get to both P1 and C5, you can then work on saving these settings. It’s easy to do so when you hold the function button for 3 seconds, so it’s saved and good to go. 
  9. If you want to reset all functions, you can just go down to the C10 parameter and choose Y to refresh, and return to the parameter settings. 

Resetting the controller settings is not difficult when you have a functional control panel. Many modern electric bikes will also come with displays that make resetting the electric bike even easier. 

However, sometimes the display may not work in the many ways you want, which is when you must take things into your own hands and reset your controller manually. 

What are Some Ways To Reset an Electric Bike Controller?

With the increased innovation in electric bikes, there always seems to be another way to reset an electric bike controller.

If you want to peruse these methods before opening up your controller and fixing it manually, then you can do so. Some of the best ways to reset an electric bike controller are by using the following methods:

Look for a Button to Reset the Controller

Some electric bikes will come with a reset button on the LCD. If you’re looking for better ways to reset your electric bike, a reset button is perhaps the simplest way.

The button can also be accessed manually on certain electric bikes, so you may have to press it with a pin or any other small tool to reset it. Clear any error codes and reset the controller to its default settings. 

Reset the Circuit Breaker 

If your electric bike comes with a circuit breaker, then one of the best ways to reset the controller is by resetting the circuit breaker on the bike. However, not all modern electric bikes come with a circuit breaker, so you need to check before doing so. 

Turn Your Controller On and Off 

If you want to reset the controller, then an easy way to do so may be to use the off and on switch. You can switch something off and on by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery. It’s wise to wait a bit before you switch the controller off and on, as it gives your controller enough time to clear any stored codes. 

You must note that not all electric bikes work the same way, so one resetting method may work well for one bike and may not work quite well for another. You must investigate your electric bike and find the best methods. 

Does Resetting Involve Reprogramming Your Controller?

As we mentioned above, the two major issues that your controller could have would be hardware or software. If you’re having hardware issues, then the fix is simple. All you must do is replace the hardware component, or just leave the battery disconnected.

However, you may have to consider reprogramming if there are software issues.

Reprogramming your controller isn’t something you can always do alone. There are high chances that you may have to consult an electric bike professional or send the electric bike right back to the manufacturers.

Final Thoughts 

Fixing or resetting an electric bike controller is quite easy when you know what you’re looking for. Once the issues are broken down, you can simply understand the solutions and try your best to fix them. However, resetting a controller can often take a lot of time and patience, which you may not always have. 

Electric bike controllers are quite simple to work with, but if you’re still unsure how to reset them or don’t want to break your electric bike accidentally, you can always hire a professional to do the work for you.

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