How to Fix an E-bike With a Throttle Problem?

E-bikes are one of the most efficient means of transportation today. E-bikes can go a lot faster than the regular manual bikes.

E-bikes are also much more environmentally friendly than some of the other alternative methods of commuting.

The special components of an e-bike are the battery and the motor that allows the e-bike to accelerate efficiently. 

However, efficient operation may not always be the case. An e-bike is a machine, and some problems will present in the best of machines.

In due time, you may find that the e-bike doesn’t accelerate whenever you want. The throttle of your electric bike is the little component that allows you to accelerate it. 

If there are issues with the throttle, riding your bike can be extremely dangerous. If your throttle is malfunctioning, there are some common problems you may have to look into. 

What is an Electric bike Throttle?

An electric bike throttle is similar to the accelerator on any vehicle. It’s a component that allows the rider to control the speed of the e-bike with a button instead of using pedals.

The throttle can be near the handlebars, as is in the case of motorbikes. 

In e-bikes, riders can choose from several modes, including completely manual, pedal assist or motor. In the complete motor mode, you would need to use the throttle.

Electric bike throttles are quite convenient for many people, but some feel they take away from the fun of riding a bike. 

However, electric bike throttles may be useful when you don’t want to do too much work. 

Common Issues with Electric bike throttles

Electric bike throttles can have some common problems. If the throttle doesn’t work, here are some problems that may be occurring. 

A Stuck Throttle 

Jammed or Stuck throttles can occur quite often when you have an e-bike. The throttle is an isolated trigger that you can toggle to increase or decrease your speed.

A stuck throttle can occur when dirt or debris is stuck in the middle of your toggle. 

If you find that the handlebar or moving parts are too stuck, then it may be because you haven’t properly maintained the cleanliness of the bike overall. 

The Battery Isn’t Charged 

For the throttle to work as you want it, e-bikes require you to have enough charge in your battery.

If the bike isn’t accelerating when you press the throttle, it may be because your battery isn’t charged. You could also check if the throttle connection to the battery is secure. 

The Throttle is not Responding

If the throttle is not jammed and it still won’t fulfil your wishes, it may have something to do with the connections to the battery.

The wires can sometimes loosen or become damaged if you’re not keeping the throttle in check. 

Sensors that are Ruined 

Electric bikes have special sensors that detect the hall effect to accelerate effectively.

They play an increasingly important role in working your throttle and how it continues to accelerate. It’s a small sensor in the wheel hub. 

If you push down on the throttle button, you may notice the sensor identifies the position and speed of the motor and then sends out a signal picked up by the bike’s control panel.

However, if there’s a problem, the throttle will not function properly. 

Defective Sensors 

There are certain cases when the sensors in your brake may be causing concurrent issues. The sensors responsible for braking may be malfunctioning, so you won’t be able to apply the throttle effectively.

If this sensor finds that the brakes are active, the throttle function or button will not work. 

If your brake sensors see an active command on braking, they will never allow the throttle function to work and increase speed.

Throttle Response is Infrequent 

Sometimes the issue with the throttle may not be that it doesn’t work at all, but rather that it works infrequently. This may be due to a loose connection or a lack of proper housing for the throttle.

This condition can cause serious issues with riding an e-bike, because there are times when your throttle will work and times when it will not. 

Solutions to Common Throttle Issues 

Now that we know the potential major issues with your throttle, there are some solutions that you can use to avoid such problems:

Clean the Dirt From a Throttle 

For stuck throttles or throttles that are sticking when you try to move them, you may find that cleaning up the surrounding areas does make things better.

It’s a simple operation to clean the dirt from the throttle. You can open the throttle by unscrewing the top and clear any dirt or debris using a clean cloth and water, or simply brush away any debris. 

Many people also find twisted cables around the throttle, which may limit its movement. Thus, removing the knots could also help in engaging the throttle.

Once you have cleaned the throttle and removed the knots in the wires, you could move around the throttle a little to see how the function responds. 

Check the Cables 

If your e-bike is not responding, one of the first things to consider is the connection to the car’s throttle.

Connections may become loose or may have been cut through. Due to friction or natural wear and tear, the cables may not be as strong as they used to be.

Sometimes people won’t even check the cables, but it remains the most important part to check. If there are any damaged cables, you can find PVC plastic and connect them to each other.

You could also then see if the throttle cables are connected in the right place. If they are, then you’re good to go. 

Check the Hall-Sensor of the Bike

If you’re checking how the bike’s sensors are working, you may not be able to do so without opening up the bike. The sensor is located in the bike’s hub, so you must open it up to fix or replace it.

If the sensor isn’t working properly, there may be some charring or burning smell around it. Experts recommend that you remove the sensor using a soldering iron and then replace the sensor as necessary. 

Replace the Braking Sensor 

Sometimes there may be a problem with the braking sensor.

Braking sensors don’t allow the throttle function to play out the way you would want. You must check how your sensor is working.

To test it, you would disconnect the overall component from the control panel. Once you’ve disconnected it, you can check how the braking sensor works by pressing the throttle button.

If the wheels are turning, there’s a problem with the braking sensor; if they don’t turn, you may have to diagnose your problems further. 

Replacing the Throttle Overall 

If none of the other solutions works and you’re sure the throttle is the issue, you may as well replace it.

We suggest you use an older throttle to check if the problem is throttle oriented. Once you have confirmed this, you can consider replacing the throttle. 

Replacing Throttle for E-Bikes

Once you know that the throttle is the problem, you can go about replacing it in your e-bike. The steps to follow for this procedure include the following:

Buy a Replacement Throttle 

You want to have all of the tools and components in front of you before you engage in any replacements. So the best thing for you to do is buying a replacement throttle.

You can look at the e-bike model you own and replace the throttle provided by the company. 

The company throttle is made specifically for the e-bike and thus would be more compatible. You can look in third-party stores if no throttle is available on the company website. 

Remove the Old Throttle

Once everything is in place, you can remove the old throttle from the e-bike. You must remove the screws from the throttle hub, and ensure you don’t lose these screws.

Removing the throttle also means untangling any of the cables that are crossing over the throttle. 

If the cables hold your throttle in place, you need to part them to remove the throttle. The throttle will also have some major connections to the motor that you will have to remove.

The old throttle on the handlebar can then slide off with ease. 

Replace with New Throttle 

You can start by placing the new throttle on the handlebar, and then connecting the wires to the new throttle cable.

Once the connection is wired, you can re-wrap the cable lining for the throttle to be in place. Then you must screw the throttle in place so that you may use the throttle whenever you wish. 

Final Thoughts

Electric bike throttles may not work for a variety of reasons. However, there are also multiple solutions to the problem.

It would be best to diagnose why your electric bike throttle is malfunctioning and apply the appropriate solution. 

Riding an e-bike with a faulty throttle can be extremely dangerous for you and the people around you. Thus, fixing the problem as soon as you detect it is necessary. 

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