How to Carry a Spare E-Bike Battery

If you like going on long adventures on your e-bike, you need to charge your battery fully. Otherwise, it could result in the whole experience becoming unpleasant. 

But what if you didn’t have enough time to charge your battery, or there was a power outage? All these situations can be stressful, and you can avoid them by carrying a spare e-bike battery. 

This blog post will cover tips on how to carry a spare e-bike battery. So, keep reading!

Ways to Carry a Spare E-Bike Battery 

Carrying spare electric bike batteries is essential to ensure a smooth riding experience. The last thing you want is to have to pedal back after a long trip in case your battery dies

Let’s consider some convenient options for carrying a spare electric bike battery! 

Frame Mounted Bags 

Using frame-mounted bags is one of the most prevalent methods for carrying a spare electric bike battery. However, to benefit from this option, your top frame should be free. 

We recommend getting a water-resistant version to keep the spare battery safe if it rains. Although bike batteries are typically durable, you might wish to add other materials to the storage area.

Another advantage of using frame bags is that you can remove them easily. Thus, you can detach the bag and carry the battery when you park your bike. 

Rear Seat Packs

Another convenient way to carry an electric bike battery is to use water-proof rear seat packs. Like frame-mounted bags, these packs are also easily removable. 

Additionally, the pack placement is more convenient for the rider. You must consider the size of the rear seat pack. 

Seat packs are typically smaller than other battery-carrying options. Thus, ensuring the battery fits in the pack before purchasing would be ideal. 

Rear Racks

Rear racks are a great option for carrying spare electric bike batteries. Sometimes, they can also allow you to carry two batteries at once. 

Moreover, adding weight to the electric bike’s rear can aid in weight distribution if a battery is already present on or in the frame. 

Some rear racks also provide additional space on the elevated platform if you have to carry extra items. When using rear racks, the battery will be mounted in the center. 

This makes it easy for you to remove it. Taking precautions to prevent the battery from getting stolen would be best. 

Moreover, you would also have to purchase a cover bag for the battery while using this option. A bag will protect your battery from dirt and rain. 

It will also make it easy to carry the battery when you park your e-bike. Therefore, the small cover bags are a good investment to keep your spare battery safe. 

Rear racks are affordable and easy to use. The only significant drawback is that they are fixed to the electric bike for the most part. 

If you hardly require a spare battery, a rear rack might not be your best option. However, you can place the battery in a large bag if you often travel with additional luggage. Bigger-sized bags can easily be attached to the rear racks. 

Here are some tips for installing a rear rack on your bike: 

  1. Rear racks should always be mounted away from electric bikes.
  2. While tightening the bolts, start by tightening with your fingers, then tighten using a wrench, and maintain a medium strength fastening level. 
  3. Always ensure that the big screw holes on the rear rack are facing inward before mounting it to the frame of the electric bike.
  4. The taillight is the final component to be fitted.

Riding Backpack 

If you are looking for a convenient and no-fuss method of carrying a spare battery, go for a riding backpack. 

With this method, the weight of the battery will rest firmly on your shoulders instead of the bike’s frame. Be certain the e-bike backpack you want to buy has adequate space for your battery. 

Moreover, ensure the backpack you are selecting is comfortable and secure. It will also help to take a test ride if you want to carry a 3 kg battery on your back for an extended duration.

We strongly advise keeping the rear plate in, even though some people remove it to reduce weight. 

One drawback of this method is it might put your shoulders under stress. If the backpack seems too heavy, consider carrying the batteries differently, instead of risking your safety.

Why is It Important to Carry a Spare E-Bike Battery?

One of the biggest advantages of carrying a spare e-bike battery is enjoying longer rides. If the battery in use dies, it doesn’t take more than five minutes to replace it. 

This makes your riding experience safer and more convenient. If you are wondering if carrying a spare electric bike battery is worth it, here are some advantages you should know about! 

It Improves Balance 

Depending on how it is set up, an additional battery can help you balance your electric bike. You can consider mounting the spare battery to the bicycle’s back if the battery pack is secured at the front of your bicycle.  

This minor adjustment allows you to ride more comfortably up and down slopes. Thus, making your overall journey safer.

It Doubles Your Range 

You can experience longer rides around the city when you have a spare electric bike battery. Carrying a single e-bike battery is sufficient to double your range. 

It can be quite troublesome to find out your battery is about to die halfway through your journey. In this situation, you must go back home unless you want to pedal. 

However, you can have a carefree ride without cutting your journey short if you have a spare battery. 

For instance, suppose you are riding an e-bike in the city, and the battery runs out on the way to work. If you’ll be late, you must call and inform your employer. 

Even if your battery were fully charged, you might not have known it would only last an hour. Your battery life depletes with time, meaning the riding time decreases after every recharge.  

It’s advisable to bring a spare e-bike battery with a minimum of 500w to avoid this stress.

Peace of Mind During Countryside Trips

The same is the case for longer off-roading journeys. Predicting the total duration of the mountain ride can be difficult due to the terrain. Therefore, it is always better to have a spare battery on hand. 

The mountain terrain can be dangerous and unpredictable, so it is best not to take risks. You can save your pedaling energy if your battery dies on a long trip. 

Electric bikes are twice as heavy as regular bikes, so having a backup battery will prevent you from exerting too much effort while riding. 

Disadvantages of Carrying a Spare Electric Bike Battery

Before making any decision, weighing its pros and cons is best. Although it is highly recommended to carry a spare electric bike battery, here are some cons you should know about:

Risk of Theft 

There is a theft risk when carrying a spare electric bike battery. Therefore we recommend securing the battery pack to the bike with a sturdy lock. 

You can use cable, chain, or U-locks for this purpose. The fact that e-bike batteries are easier to remove makes them convenient for a bike thief. 

Carry the battery inside if you can’t properly secure it with a lock. At first, it might appear foolish or inconvenient, but you will have the peace of mind that your battery is safe. 


Purchasing an extra electric bike battery means incurring an additional cost. When purchased individually, the electric bike’s battery costs more. 

However, you’ll find this a worthwhile investment in the long run due to the added safety and peace of mind. 


An electric bike’s battery generally weighs between seven and thirteen pounds. The battery’s capacity determines how much it weighs. The weight of the battery increases with its capacity.

If you are going on a long journey, you must ensure enough space on your electric bike to carry the spare battery. 

If you want higher battery consumption, go for a heavier battery. Doing so will ensure you enjoy a longer ride on your electric bike. 

Final Word 

Carrying a spare electric bike battery allows you to enjoy longer and more carefree rides. You don’t have to worry about pedaling home when you are far away in mountainous terrain or running errands. 

There are single and dual-battery options available for an electric bike. Choose the dual battery option if you want to experience a longer range. 

Follow the guide in this blog post to safely carry your electric bike’s battery and enjoy longer and carefree rides! 

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